© Andrew Barton


In August 2012 I went to Findhorn, Scotland and spent 11 days with Deborah Hay and a group of dancer/choreographers as part of Hay's Solo Performance Commissioning Project (SPCP). While at Findhorn I learned the choreography of a new solo called "Dynamic". At the end of our time together I signed a contract with Hay agreeing to practice the performance of "Dynamic" every day for nine months before publicly presenting my adaptation. The time since leaving Scotland has been a period of extremely rich research for me. Practicing "Dynamic" daily is allowing me to continually scrutinize my experience of subjectivity and time. Gradually a relationship and a history is forming between Deborah's practice, the choreography, and myself. From this, pieces of my adaptation are beginning to reveal themselves to me.

"you can't follow your bliss..."


12.21.12 - Performance (work in progress): ÇATI Contemporary Dance, Istanbul, Turkey
08.19.13 - Performance: Beehive Collective's Gabfestry for Creative Dissenters, Machias, Maine
08.31.13 - Performance: Eastport Art Center, Eastport, Maine

Video documentation of the practice of the performance of "Dynamic" on 12.24.12 atop a section of the Theodosian Wall in Istanbul.
Shot by Archie J. Mckay IV.