Working Together/Declarations of Independence

Instigated by Hana van der Kolk and collaboratively designed and enacted with Asher Woodworth, Karl Mullen (sound), Monel Chang, and Williams College students Stephen Simalchik, Tracy Hu, Audrey Kwon, and Kelly Wang, this WCMA (Williams College Museum of Art) at Night event responds to the alienating forces of economic competition, disembodied contact, and over-scheduled existences. Part dance performance, part party, part activist encampment, this experience of temporary collectivity plays with normative rules of engagement, resists fixed outcomes, and invites us (performer and audience alike) to contemplate, and in some cases enact, the relationship between disorder and order, the individual and the collective, making rules and breaking them. What can we learn as citizens for change from collective, improvisational performance practices and processes? And what can we find in existing theories, alternative communities, and actions of political activism that can influence and shape a collective performance experience?